These are some of the

posters that I have done throughout the years.

1. Julius Caesar poster mockup 

2. A assignment where we make a recipe for disaster. I made mine by emphasizing building up walls because of the words 
said by the people around you can become a lonely place.

3. Menu for a food festival

4. Winter retreat poster

5. Gospel class/event poster

Mental Health planner

I made a planner that gives you a challenge or gives you a quotes every week that are ways that can help with mental health. 

Info graphs

The first is an assignment on illustrating how to make an object. It could be anything and I chose a stuffy because I've made a few in my time. 

The second is an assignment on different parts of a pizza.

2019 Yearbook

I made a yearbook for my church for 2019. It was a recap of all the events of the last year to cheer people up as Covid was happening. Note: I've taken out the pictures of people for their own protection. 

Beer cans

This was an assignment  where we make beer can labels. I've made mine reflecting on the destructive nature of alcohol.